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Panz's Preset - Green Package


R300   R150


In a nutshell - presets are a simple way to edit your photos in one easy click. Therefore they are the PERFECT tool to save time when retouching your images and find new ways to refine style. Whether you’re editing a new landscape image or want to create the same look across an entire editorial shoot.


You can use them on Lightroom Desktop, or the FREE Lightroom mobile app. 
(Once you've selected a preset you can still do further editing such as exposure, contrast, shadows etc.)


ALSO, this specific pack I've labelled "Green's" not because they perfect for editing images that are full of green, but because green is my favourite undertone to work with! So don't be fooled, they work on all image colours.


Please note, download and installation instructions will be provided in your purchased download pack - which you receive as soon as you pay! There are also lots of YouTube videos taking you through the instructions.



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